Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!

MINI We did et!

July 01, 2023 Disasterina Season 3 Episode 6
Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!
MINI We did et!
Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!
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Well hello there naughty boys and girls it is I, Disasterina! Welcome to the Tasty Ear Bits Podcast! Here we all about da drag, da art, da trash, and da comedy haha!

We did et! We really did et! What deed we do? Well, we created a fabulous work of art! This werk of art is called Which Witch Won? It is a short horror/comedy that we recently crowdfunded for. It came out so good and it’s so weird and so scary and so funny and so professional! Hear all about it in this update!

Also, hear news about what Disasterina has coming up next!

We also got some obscure unreleased disasterina songs and also some music by Satelle and Doctor Steevo!

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intro with music by Disasterina
Update on Which Witch Won?
Music by Satelle
Disasterina Complains about Social Media
Commercial Message
Shout out for Trans Formations Project with music by Doctor Steevo
It's Not Easy Being Tief by Disasterina
Dungeon Queenz Theme by Disasterina
Outro with music by Disasterina

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