Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!

Harpy Newd Yeah!

January 14, 2021 Disasterina Season 1 Episode 3
Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!
Harpy Newd Yeah!
Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!
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Whoops! Looks like 2021 off to a shaky start, eh? The winds of change giving us a real bad Blowjob! No teeth please 2021! 

First off forget about “Happy New Year” that dint work! I’m making an executive decision & changing et to HARPY NEWD YEAH! 

And to talk about nude harpies and other fascinating folklore we have Thomas O’Brien Vallor AKA Thomas The Tourguide! 

AND I’ve got a fun interview with kaleidoscopic fashionista Jandora Lewis, they gon talk about how cosplayers can stay busy even tho all the conventions be canceled.

AND virtual dating entrepreneur Lorelei gon tell us how to get to second base in cyberspace!

PLUS we got the the 7 and a half foot tall bouffant bombshell and queen of da Xtra Xtra Force, Dragpool to talk about Superhero resolutions! 

Music? You want music too? Ok well then have a listen to a NEW Newd Yeah song by Nana The Cat Lady! Doctor Steevo and Chuck Cirino also contribute some fancy songs!

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Superhero Resolutions with Dragpool
New Year Song by Nana The Cat Lady
Interview with Designer Jandora Lewis
commercial message
Virtual Dating with Lorelei
Interview with folklore expert Thomas The Tourguide