Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!

Hyper Cure For Winter Doldrums

February 08, 2021 Disasterina Season 1 Episode 4
Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!
Hyper Cure For Winter Doldrums
Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!
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Are you Caught in da winter doldrums? Is your couch sucking you in like da quicksand? Are you caught in a waking dream endlessly wandering around and can’t find a place to pee? Me too! Don worry tho, I gon help you Escape the weight of da world that’s on those sexy shoulders, I’m a throw those burdens into da dustbin where they belong! 

Welcome to da Tasty Ear Bits Podcast! Here its all about da art, da drag, da trash, and da comedy!

For This ecstatic episode we got sooo much good stuff u not even gon believe it!!
- A fun convo with the the drag scene’s favorite cryptid Yovska!
- Lorelei gonna talk about her exciting casting on DragRace Antarctica!
- Our fashion correspondent Monica will be letting us know the Covid fashion trends for 2021!
- Trash poetry from artsy LA performer/creator Dvvsk!
- Tito Soto gonna talk about being cast for Alaska’s Drag Queen of the year pageant!
- Drag alien Luc Ami is gonna get all ASMR on your ass!
- A song about a toilet from Nana the cat lady!
- Hyperbody gon give you a…. Core-gasm with her new workout opus!
- PLUS awesome music from Doctor Steevo, Chuck Cirino, Atom Smith AND Disasterina herself!

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Intro with Hyperbody
Lorelei on Drag Race Antarctica
Trash Poetry with Dvvsk
Covid Fashion with Monica
Nana The at Lady NEW song
commercial message
Tito Soto talks about Drag Queen of The Year Competition
Hyperbody part 2
Luc Ami with Acid ASMR
Cryptid Convo with Yovska