Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!

Epic Top 11

April 17, 2021 Disasterina Season 1 Episode 7
Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!
Epic Top 11
Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!
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Well hello naughty boys and girls, it is I Disasterinaaaa! Welcome to da Tasty Ear Bits Podcast! here we’re all about da drag, da art, da TRASH, and da comedy, haha!

This episode We’re gon to vere away from our usual Super Tasty format to construct a colossal countdown of biblical proportions! Wait, You know what? Fuck da Bible This majestic edition powers past that cheap pulp novella of poorly written fairy tales and blasts us through an epic plateau! A top 10 is not enough for our podcast this one goes all the way to 11!

 First up is LA’s own OG supermonster and gory glamor goddess Frankie Doom! Star of Dragula Season 1 & Dragula Resurrection. She gonna give us her top 11 list of most intriguing performers to possibly appear on Season 4 of the Boulet Brother’s Dragula!

And then we have an incredibly thorough and in-depth top 11 favorite anime list From super sexy star of Sado Psychiatrist and Dragula Season 1 Foxie Adjuia! It’s her way or da highway people so Prepare for the epic transmutation! 

Music by Doctor Steevo

Treyfid Rose Productions 2021

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Intro with Music by Doctor Steevo
Top 11 Dragula Prospects with Frankie Doom
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Top 11 Favorite Anime with Foxie Adjuia
Outro with Music by Doctor Steevo