Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!

Zongs of Zpring

May 13, 2021 Disasterina Season 1 Episode 8
Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!
Zongs of Zpring
Tasty Ear Bits, The Disasterina Podcast!
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Well hello naughty boys and girls, it is I Disasterinaaaa!

Welcome to da Tasty Ear Bits Podcast! here we’re all about da drag, da art, da TRASH, and da comedy, haha!

This episode is called Zongs of Zpring! We gon celebrate the blossoming of new thinking, new love, and new problems, with a fragrant assortment of zongs, poemz, and other tasty ear bitz! The zounds you will hear will cure your hay fever and invigorate your soul bone! The birds are chirping, da frogs are ribbeting, da pheromones are.. moaning so we are ripe and ready. Let da crowd sourcing begin!

Zongs by Atom Smith, Ave Rose, Jolene Welch, Dvvsk, Maxi Glamour, Disasterina, Alan Ishii, Doctor Steevo, Violencia Exclamation Point & Raquel

A horny birdwatcher skit by Chadka

Zpring poemz by Dragpool, Stephanie G. Galindo, Princess Penelope P. Poodle Poo

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Intro with music by Ave Rose
Atom Smith - Life Is Full of Wonderful Things
Alan Ishii - Frühlingszeit
A Horny Birdwatcher Skit by Chadka
Maxi Glamour - Could Be Something
commercial break
Dragpool - Snufflefluff
Dvvsk - C’est Va
Violencia Exclamation Point & Raquel - Spring Me To Life
Disasterina - Zongs of Zpring
Princess Penelope P. Poodle Poo - Be Nice To Your Chef
Wesley Doloris - AI
Stephanie G. Galindo - Spring
Outro with music by Doctor Steevo